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Amersey Damoder, established in 1825, is India's oldest raw cotton merchant firm. Amersey Damoder is a family business firm and it is managed by fifth and sixth generation family members. In its 175 years existence, it has built an unparalleled reputation for integrity, trust and service not only in India but also internationally.

Amersey Brothers Pvt. Ltd. (international trade), Amar Cotton Co. (domestic Indian cotton trade) specialize in raw cotton, textile commodities and service the Indian and International cotton and textile markets.

From its early beginnings in 1825 the founders have acted as intermediaries between Indian farmers, country merchants and the British traders. Since then Amersey Damoder have become significant merchant in its own right. Our history begins from supplying first Indian textile mills and then British mills in Manchester, developing the markets in Shanghai and Osaka in the early 1900s for Indian cotton, establishing own selling offices there and also marketing Indian cotton in the new world. In the process we promoted Egyptian and Sudanese and later American cottons to Indian mills. The principal of Amersey Damoder have served as Directors, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the East India Cotton Association (the main regulatory body for Indian cotton trade) and various other cotton associations and bodies and also participated in the Indian freedom movement. Mr. M.N Amersey has been a member of parliament, and has witnessed the nationalization of the export trade of Indian cotton and the re-privatization of various aspects of the Indian cotton trade. Amersey Damoder has always had family members running the company with efficiency, honesty and integrity.

Today, the Amersey Damoder family, with key family members and a team of dedicated and experienced staff, services the needs of its customers and suppliers in India and internationally. We believe in key quality service. Sheer size and volume are not the criteria . We have our own offices in all the major cotton producing centers of India. We undertake our own ginning and pressing and have a modern cotton fibre testing laboratory. We undertake cotton analysis through our specialized staff and ensure the best selection of cotton for our customer mills.

Throughout its history Amersey Damoder has maintained a long term business relationship with its clients in India and internationally. Over the years Amersey Damoder has strongly believed in pursuing good business ethics which is evident from the years we are carrying business.
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